Himalaya Amalaki


Himalaya Amalaki


DescriptionAmalaki is popularly known as the Indian Gooseberry. It is obtained from Emblica Officinalis. Its fruit has a wide range of therapeutic properties and thus, is considered an Ayurvedic wonder. It prevents the effects of ageing, promotes longevity and is considered to be a Rasayana. It exerts its therapeutic effects at every level. At Herbal Cure, you can get best Amalaki products and with Himalaya Amalaki, you can enjoy its wide range beneficial effects.


  • It has antioxidant properties.
  • It increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin and nourishes the skin.
  • It is a rich natural source of vitamin C.
  • It boosts the immune system and is an immunomodulator.
  • It boosts the gastrointestinal system and helps in producing firm stools.
  • It supports the inner mucosal lining of the gut and respiratory tract.
  • It is useful against hyperactivity and dyspepsia.
  • It protects the liver.


IngredientsCapsules are formulated from 250 mg of Amalaki powder obtained from the fruit.

Directions for UseMust be taken orally 3 times per day after meals or as directed by the physician.

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