Roghan E Musakkin Massage oil


Roghan E Musakkin Massage oil


DescriptionThe Roghan e musakkin massage oil can cure various joint pains and other muscle pains with regular usage. This oil has been designed especially for regular usage which will strengthen the muscles and bone and keeps one’s blood flowing throughout the body. This product is exclusively available at herbalcure and you need to check them out before they run out.


  • The Roghan e musakkin massage oil improves the blood circulation throughout the entire body.
  • It strengthens the bones in kids as well as on adults
  • It is beneficial for improving muscle strength and at the same time boost the immunity of the user.


IngredientsThe Roghan e musakkin massage oil is made out of clove and other plant extracts. The oil has a non-sticky formulation which results in a smooth application throughout the skin.

Direction Of UseMassage it gently on your skin all over your body once every day, preferably before going to bath, and you will see the amazing effects of this oil in no time.

  • 50ml
  • 100ml
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50ml, 100ml


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